Tell your government to get big business to be free from exploitation.

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Tell your government to get big businesses to be free from exploitation

Don’t Shut Your Eyes 2023 is all about stopping exploitation.

As we all open our eyes to see what’s happening around us, we can then be part of the answer to see an end to the exploitation of human beings.

Right now is an exciting time in Europe because the European Union institutions are finalising how to make sure big businesses guarantee that there is no slavery or exploitation within their supply chains. The technical term is “due diligence”. The European Commission came up with some excellent ideas and the European Parliament strengthened them.  Now EU member states are thinking how ambitious to be regarding the rules that businesses will have to follow and how much support they will get to do so.  They, the Commission and Parliament must all agree.

Will you help us influence the negotiations? 

We think that the final standards in law should be as ambitious as possible. Workable for business. But making a real difference to those who are exploited.

Will you make sure your EU member state knows you want them to aim high? 

Here are 2 simple things you can do right now.

  • Watch & share this film as widely as possible. [insert link]
  • Sign this petition. And help us promote it. [insert link]

Once the EU due diligence directive is finally passed, there’ll be opportunities to ask your EU nation implements the rules properly. And we can also encourage businesses to get ready. 

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