Privacy Policy

In terms of the new General Data Protection Regulations, we are obliged to inform you of our policy with regard to the use and protection of your personal data.

The European Freedom Network (EFN) is a membership and partnership organisation.  Due to the nature of the activities of our organisation we would not in any way provide details of the personal information contained herein for any other reason than for the purpose of serving the mission of the EFN.

We retain contact information such as names, telephone numbers, website information and email addresses as provided by yourselves.  This information is retained on this platform, on our newsletter database with MailChimp and on our secure Dropbox document storage facility.  In certain instances, some of the information may be stored on the personal computers of the members of the Core Team.  We are looking to ensure that all the facilities maintain adequate security protection.

With regard to our data protection policy, you are entitled to request that we remove any information from our records at any stage.  In terms of this platform you may delete your profile should you not wish to have your information stored here in future.  In a similar way, we have an unsubscribe feature in our newsletter.

Some members have registered for access to the EFN closed group on Facebook.  Please note that should you wish to delete your profile from our Facebook page, you are free to do so.


You make the decision whether or not to proceed with any activity that requests personally identifiable information.

We may collect certain personally identifiable information such as contact information, including name, e-mail address, work and home telephone numbers, fax number and a physical postal address. We may use any information that we collect, including personally identifiable information, to tailor subsequent communications to you, including marketing and conference communications, to administer and operate the newsletter and any other communications related to the activities of EFN.

Members and partners may from time to time receive up-to-date information via our e-mail newsletter. Users may opt-out at any time from receiving these communications.

We may also periodically conduct surveys because they provide us with important information that helps us to improve our services to you our members and partners. Participation in such surveys is completely voluntary and you, therefore, have a choice whether or not to disclose this information.

No information submitted to EFN will be provided to any third party outside of the EFN network.