Welcome is a powerful word.  It’s more than just a friendly greeting – the concept of welcome includes being “received gladly into one’s presence or companionship”.

We’re glad you’re here!  EFN believes that churches have an essential role to play in combating trafficking in Europe.  We are committed to providing resources and support to you in that role.

Some of the crucial tasks in the journey to freedom are part of the DNA of the Church:

  • offering healing for hurting people;
  • building loving, restorative community;
  • walking with people to maturity and freedom; and
  • extending God’s justice and shalom in our world.

The Church is uniquely gifted, called, and empowered for these tasks!

But you’re not in this alone.  The European Freedom Network connects hundreds of faith-based organisations across Europe, committed to Christ and to the vision of a world free from human trafficking and commercial exploitation.

We want to leverage our expertise to prepare and support you in offering embrace, care, and restoration to people impacted by trafficking and exploitation.  We want to amplify your voice and your work for justice and shalom – in your congregation, in your community, and in your country.

In the days ahead, we’ll be developing resource materials, creating training opportunities, and offering opportunities for conversation around issues of trafficking and exploitation in Europe.

Come with your questions and suggestions!  Come with fears, concerns and needs.  Just come.  You are welcome here!

How Would Your Church Respond to this Victim of Human Trafficking?
What can your church do to impact trafficking?