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Freedom Collaborative

Freedom Colaborative is designed with you in mind. Share your knowledge about human trafficking and learn from others. Check their website here:


Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST) Hands that Heal curriculum. A comprehensive, Christian curriculum to train global caregivers who are frontline providers of aftercare for women, children, and men who have been trafficked into the commercial sex industry. The curriculum is the result of collaboration among more than 40 academicians and field practitioners from diverse backgrounds and organizations that address the needs of trafficked individuals. FAAST also developed Hands that Heal as a tool to inform and inspire churches, communities, organizations, and individuals around the world to engage in the battle against human trafficking and to equip them to provide transformational care to survivors. 2 editions. The Community-based Edition is for organizations already working with survivors and/or church groups who are interested in getting involved in caring for survivors of sex trafficking. The Academic Edition is designed as a 3-credit course for a college or university-level program. Equally, portions of this curriculum could be incorporated into a course program of study, i.e social work, nursing, public health, psychology, pre-law, pre-medicine, theology etc. Using the Community Based and Academic Editions, we conduct Training of Trainers (TOTs) in communities around the world. These trainings are normally 3-4 days long providing a comprehensive overview of the curriculum.

Crossroads: Choosing the Road to Sexual Purity. This 13-session course shows how biblical principles can be applied to help overcome sexual addiction and temptations that often destroy one’s life and family. Telephone: 800.879.4770. Visit their website

Wise As Serpents: A Christian Resource to Develop Street Smart Youth. This middle-school age curriculum is aimed at educating youth on the dangers of pimping and prostitution. The biblically-based 7-week study can be used for Sunday School classes, Bible studies, confirmation classes, or retreats aimed at grades 7, 8, and 9. The curriculum can be shortened to meet various needs and settings. Included in the package is a video with survivor stories and curriculum materials on how to teach about the perils of sexual temptation and prostitution. Email:; Visit their website

Module 1: Trauma & Crisis Care. Curriculum & Module Developer: Phyllis Kilbourn. This 15-lesson module (212 pages) provides an understanding of the impact of trauma-produced losses in the life of a child and how to restore those losses. The lessons place emphasis on holistic ministry, covering various effective intervention principles that promote healing and facilitate closure to a child’s traumatic experiences. Included with the module are lesson enrichment resources, notes on childhood development, a crisis care teaching guide, a children-in-crisis video, and a CD containing more than 50 visual aids suitable for producing transparencies and/or handouts. Price: US$40.00. The Curriculum, including lesson plans, enrichment resources, Visual Aids CD and the Children in Crisis DVD. Price US $40.00 plus freight. The resource textbook is, Healing the Children of War: A Handbook for Ministry to Children Who Have Suffered Deep Trauma (see books section below).

Module 2: Street Children. Curriculum & Module Developer: Phyllis Kilbourn. The material in this 18-lesson module (202 pages) is designed to train those working, or desiring to work, with street children. A foundational course, it helps participants understand who street children are and why they are on the streets. It also provides an understanding of the types of intervention commonly applied and gives step-by-step help for establishing a sustainable street children’s project. In addition, it highlights the challenges of working with street children and some real solutions to addressing these issues. Included is a CD containing more than 100 visual aids suitable for producing transparencies and/or handouts and a DVD of video clips for use in teaching the course. Price US $45.00 plus shipping and handling. The resource textbook is Street Children: A Guide to Effective Ministry (see books section below).

Individual or Group Study

Walking God’s Way: Biblical Encouragement for Walking with Christ. Combat Sex Trafficking: It’s Everyone’s Cause. Christianity Today International. 2008. Available on their website

Project HELP: Release and Restore: Addressing Human Exploitation Through the Church. Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU). Southern Baptist Convention.

This CD is designed to help churches, groups, and/or individuals to confront and make a difference in the area of human exploitation. It has been produced by WMU of the Southern Baptist Convention. Periodically, WMU chooses a critical social issue to address. These issues are titled Project HELPSM: (issue). In the past, WMU has focused on issues such as poverty, cultural diversity, hunger, restorative justice and AIDS. Release and Restore is the basic product for the newest of those emphases, human exploitation. However, it is hoped that this project can speak to more than WMU and its members. Release and Restore contains a wealth of information, activities, and suggestions that can be used to educate others about the complex issues of human exploitation. It is the desire of WMU to provide these materials so that anyone can be radically involved in the mission of God to redeem his people.

Not For Sale Campaign “Set the Captives Free” Bible study. This 8-week study is a tool to enhance our biblical understanding of human trafficking and our mandated response to fight for freedom and justice. The study utilizes two texts: the Bible and Not For Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade & How We Can Fight It. Each week you will be reading a chapter from Not For Sale to provide the context for the discussion. You will then dig into God’s word to learn his truth. Download this PDF

Prayer items

Prayer Items for the Victims of Sex Trafficking. Salvation Army.

Salvation Army Prayer and Fasting Resources. Since 2006, The Salvation Army and the Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking (IAST) have sponsored an International Weekend of Prayer and Fasting for the Victims of Sex Trafficking. In 2009, the Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST) joined as co-sponsor of this annual event. The resources provided here have been developed to help Christians bring the issue of sexual trafficking before their churches any time of the year, whether as part of the prayer and fasting weekend activities or at other times, through a variety of methods such as sermon outlines, church bulletin inserts, Bible studies, and Prayer items. For free Prayer items or for questions, email Also available in Mandarin, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish. Hindi translation forthcoming.

Research & General Resources

The Salvation Army Anti-Trafficking Training Manual. Available on their website under “Training Resources.” The Salvation Army, with funding received from the Office for Victims of Crime of the U.S. Department of Justice, has developed a specialized training manual designed to equip social service providers and others to recognize and serve victims of human trafficking. The training manual provides seven easy to follow hour-long sessions, which include facilitator notes, as well as small group learning exercises. The sessions can be adapted for shorter training times. In addition to the training exercises, a comprehensive resource directory CD contains sample assessment forms, facts on human trafficking, a guide for lawyers, and extensive contact information on the many agencies working to assist trafficking victims. The full manual may be downloaded here [PDF]. Download the Spanish version of the training manual here. To obtain a copy of the resource CD, please contact Penny Matheson at 703-647-4780 or at

Biblica Reach4Life Scripture Project. Forthcoming. New Testament study Bible which has pullouts and studies on justice and human trafficking issues. Partnership with Dalit Freedom Network. Focused on India, then expanding to a more global reach. Contact: LaReau Anderson [] at Biblica.

The European Baptist Federation

  • EBF Anti-Trafficking Resource Book No 3 ENG Download PDF [552 kb]
  • EBF Anti-Trafficking Resource Book ENG Download PDF [131 kb] Includes Bible studies by Marion Carson.
  • EBF Anti-Trafficking Resource Book ITALIAN Download PDF [170 kb]
  • EBF Anti-Trafficking Resource Book FRENCH Download PDF [306 kb]

The Biblical Call: A Christian Response to Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse DVD Series. 3 DVD set of conference. View Article

National Christian Alliance on Prostitution, Beyond the Streets Signpost Series can be found here.

Statement from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America on Commercial Sexual Exploitation. 2001. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We have 100 groups in the U.S. and around 12 in the U.K. Visit website to find and start anti-trafficking task forces in your area. View Article

CARE Loose the Chains leaflet on human trafficking in the U.K. (PDF attached). Visit their Blog

CARE Briefing on Commercial Sexual Exploitation: found here, with PDF attached.

Tackling Demand (CARE paper on tackling the demand for prostitution and sex trafficking): found here, with PDF attached.

Chab Dai Advocacy 4 Action Pack. Download PDF

TEARFUND Mobilising the Church (Pillars Guide). Isabel Carter. Download PDF

List of General Chab Dai resources at their website. Nearly 400 articles to look through.


Batstone, David. 2010. Not for Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade–and How We Can Fight It. HarperOne. Human trafficking generates $32 billion annually and enslaves over 30 million people, half of them children. Award-winning journalist David Batstone, whom Bono calls “a heroic character,” profiles the new generation of abolitionists who are leading the movement. This groundbreaking global report is now updated with the latest findings, new stories, and statistics that highlight what is being done to end this appalling epidemic – and how you can join the movement.

Cumbers, Theresa. 2010. Low Cost, High Price. Authentic Media. Theresa shows us a world of darkness, misery, and despair, but interlocked throughout these pages is a love that fears no obstacles – a love that transcends all the and degradation that accompany a life of prostitution. Theresa shows us that we all have a role in these people’s lives, and that role is, quite simply, to love each other as Jesus loved us. Go to Theresa’s website.

Davis, Thomas. Priceless: A Novel on the Edge of the World. This book tells the fictional story of Stuart Daniels, a photojournalist who has found purpose in life. After suffering the fallout of a tragic assignment, Daniels rediscovered his faith while helping a young African orphan. Now his photo work carries a greater mission: To educate people about social injustice happening around the world. Daniels next assignment carries him back overseas and into the heart of Russia. Once there, Daniels is persuaded by an old friend to help save two girls from a desperate situation. Soon, he becomes a key player in a dangerous campaign to rescue helpless women trapped in the sex-slave trade.

Grant, David and Beth. 2008. Beyond the Soiled Curtain – Project Rescue’s Fight for the Victims of the Sex-Slave Industry. Onward Books. 15-year-old Sumi peels back the soiled curtain of her stall on Falkland Road in Bombay, India’s red-light district. She peers at the middle-aged customer and watches as her madam collects payment. Christians will discover how millions of girls are living tragedies every day as they are forced into the third largest profitable criminal industry in the world. Through this story God s grace and compassion will be poured out as Project Rescue sets out to share Christ s love and rescue girls from this cycle of abuse.

Haugen, Gary. 1999. Good News about Injustice: A Witness of Courage in a Hurting World. InterVarsity Press. Haugen shows that the gospel includes social action. Scripture requires the believer to act justly and to seek justice for all. Haugen shows that we cannot sit idly by while other human beings are oppressed by people of power. He calls on us to have a full-orbed understanding of the gospel and reminds us of what every Christian is called to do: seek justice.

______. 2005. Terrify No More: Young Girls Held Captive and the Daring Undercover Operation to Win Their Freedom. Thomas Nelson. Haugen tells this account of IJM’s efforts to rescue young girls from forced prostitution in Svay Pak, Cambodia. The story tells of girls sold into sex slavery by their families or tricked into it by the promise of legitimate work. IJM members, posing as customers, infiltrated the brothels, interviewed the girls, and later staged successful rescue operations. He describes other IJM victories, including a raid on a South Asia brick kiln that relies on slave labor, but the focus is on the sex trade and the palpable zeal with which IJM fights it.

Herzog Jewell, Dawn. 2008. Escaping the Devil’s Bedroom: Sex Trafficking, Global Prostitution, and the Gospel’s Transforming Power. Monarch Books. Jewell explores how women are ensnared by or forced into the sex industry, how escape is possible, and how former prostitutes are working with ministries and churches to help those still trapped in the vicious cycle of the sex trade.

Kilbourn, Phyllis, ed. 1995. Healing the Children of War: A Handbook for Ministry to Children Who Have Suffered Deep Traumas. MARC. Healing the Children of War is designed to give practical guidance to those who desire to be of service to little ones whose lives have been shattered by conflict. Used in over 70 countries, this book is an excellent tool for anyone working with traumatized children generally, not only with children of war. It will help the reader understand trauma and give ideas on how to help children who have lived through horrendous circumstances.

_____. 1996. Children in Crisis: A New Commitment. MARC. Children in Crisis spells out the role of the church in a biblical, God-directed response to the ills of children. This unique book will acquaint the reader with the problems of street children, sexually exploited children, children of war, child laborers, the girl child, children with HIV/AIDS and more. After exposing the problems, Children in Crisis shows the reader how some have responded. It also helps the reader learn how to counsel wounded children and nurture them spiritually. A special “Tool Box” section introduces Christian agencies that specialize in providing help to hurting children.

_____. 1997. Street Children: A Guide to Effective Ministry. MARC. Anyone working in urban mission or with forgotten children will be motivated by this volume and become better equipped to face the challenges of this complex ministry.

_____. 2008. Shaping the Future: Girls and Our Destiny. William Carey Library. Shaping the Future includes a global overview of girl child issues stemming from gender discrimination and explores the root causes for this disparity. Further, the writers from various streams of work around the world lay a foundation for shaping our value of the girl child. The strategies discussed help the girl child surmount the barriers that prevent her from reaching her full, God-given potential and also result in her physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. A rosebud has been used to symbolize the life of the girl child. Rosebuds can be broken and trampled or allowed to bloom into beautiful roses. The challenge for us is to learn how we can help girls to bloom in spite of the obstacles, empowering them to embrace their full, God-given potential.

Kilbourn, Phyllis and Marjorie McDermid. 1998. Sexually Exploited Children: Working to Protect and Heal. MARC. Kilbourn presses the boundaries of our dignified comfort zones as she takes us into the world of sexually-exploited children. She does not stop with just child prostitution, child pornography, or pedophile rings, but peals back the ugly scab of incest. Kilbourn does not leave us as voyeurs into the heinous world of sexual perversion, rather her sections dealing with prevention and intervention postulates some hope.

Robb, Ruth and Marion Carson. 2004. Working the Streets: A Guide for Christians Involved in Outreach to Prostitutes. New Wine Press. Although not addressing trafficking as such, this is used extensively by teams who care for people who have been caught up in the sex industry, whether voluntarily or not.

Smith, Kimberly L. 2011. Passport through Darkness: A True Story of Danger and Second Chances. This is a book of hope for anyone who longs to see God’s redemptive power heal broken hearts, fill empty bellies, and shelter uncovered heads. It is a call to take one more step on your own journey to know God’s heart and purpose for your life. For more information, download her PDF. This book is available on her website.

Walker, Daniel. 2011. God in a Brothel: An Undercover Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue. InterVarsity Press. The story of an undercover investigator’s experiences infiltrating the multi-billion dollar global sex industry. It is a story of triumph for the children and young teens released from a life of slavery and the rescuer who freed many hundreds of victims leading to the prosecution of dozens of perpetrators. And it is a story of haunting despair for those left behind in corrupt systems of law enforcement. It is the personal story of Daniel Walker, one man who followed a path of costly discipleship, agonizing failure, and unlikely redemption. This book challenges God’s people to join in the battle that all might be freed.


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