MP Frank Heinrich is one of the founders and the current chairman of the German networking association „Together against Human Trafficking“ (Gemeinsam gegen Menschenhandel e.V.). One reason for founding „Together against Human Trafficking“ in 2012 was the imperative of some principles of advocacy.

Firstly, if various NGOs which act separately but with a unique perspective decide to speak with one voice, they will achieve their goals better and faster than they could have done it alone. Networking and cooperation strengthens every single partner.

Secondly, in order to settle successful campaigns, you need a large number of shoulders to carry them. You have to raise funds and – especially in a time of all-around media presence – to reach a high-quality level to capture attention. Therefore you need manpower and professional knowledge. You have to prepare yourself for the long run to be successful. So it is necessary to build long-lasting relationships with friends, partners and supporters.

Thirdly, successful campaigns are most of the time grass-roots campaigns. They need the „basic“ people to be effective. Look for example at the campaign of „Together against Human Trafficking“ to write letters to Members of Parliament: the more letters are written, the more MPs are reached. The more handwritten letters get to MPs, the more the latter will take care of the issue.

Fourthly, if you want to reach a political goal, you need to be close to politicians in order to know how they think, how they work and when the issue can be on their agenda. So, go ahead and make a date with the parliamentarian(s) of your region. You also need to find the right time. Issues need to be „ripe“, their must be a so-called kairos. Right now in Germany, there is such a kairos to discuss and change the laws on prostitution, which will have an impact on forced prostitution and human trafficking.

Please pray for the next months that the German Parliament will make the right decisions.