EFN is already hearing of reports and concerns about possible human trafficking activities taking place at the borders surrounding Ukraine.

EFN is working with its’ member and churches on ground to ensure that refugees are informed of traffickers’ tactics and are connected to people that can help. We have partners working on the border of Poland, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, and Hungary that were extremely quick to respond to the crisis.

EFN’s Executive Director, Leanne Rhodes says “Work going at the borders is in a state of chaos with approaches changing every day. Unfortunately, along with the many good, willed people travelling to the borders to help, are traffickers looking to make money from vulnerable people.  EFN has worked closely with our partners at the borders to distribute information about staying safe from traffickers’ tactics.  So far, we have seen over 25,000 information cards go out.

For more information go to efn website/ukraine

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