At Equip, one of the groups of people who spontaneously got together to do some fantastic work together were Batia Lowenberg, Heike Dolan and Carole Coomber.  Huge thanks to them because we now think we have a workable plan to get EFN partners and friends praying. 

Let’s be honest, some of us are too busy to stop and pray much.  But we do know that it’s only God that can move mountains – and we all know loads of mountains that need moving. Also, those of you in Cyprus will have noticed that, whatever the session, God was constantly nudging us to understand the importance of prayer. (These mentions had not been orchestrated by the Core Team!).

So we invite everyone to pray as we can, not as we can’t.  “Pause to Pray” will appear in the newsletter and on the website each month.  We invite you to stop and pray for 2 minutes or to save the time to pray for far longer.

Each month, we will feature human trafficking / sexual exploitation related topics

  1. About politics / society / advocacy.  We “pray for the peace of Jerusalem”
  2. Something about EFN as a whole
  3. A region or country – we will rotate around Europe where we have people to give us info. Or we may focus on a special issue.
  4. And we will invite you to pray for your own country. We pray for Babylon – the place where God has placed us.

We will do our best to be brief, include answers to prayer and be as joyful and hopeful as possible.

But we need your help.

To pray for a region or country, we need a few prayer items and brief explanation (and preferably a photo!). To start with, we will contact one or two partners who we are confident will respond.

But, what we would love to see are national / regional prayer coordinators emerging, people we can call on for prayer points. Even better, these individuals would want to encourage prayer in their nation among partners and in the wider church.  They would need to be already in good relationship with other EFN ministries in their nation or region.  If you think this might be you, please contact us.

This is especially something for EFN partners to consider who are beginning to network at national level.  Who could be the champion for encouraging prayer for you all?

Please let us know your comments and if you want to help.

Contact Carole Coomber  & Julia Doxat-Purser