For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him. Isaiah 30:18

For all of us there is a desire to make a deep and lasting impact in the lives of others which has been placed in us by God. His desire is that we would fulfil this desire by sharing Him with others in the small things we do day by day. Sometimes those day by day interections with others seem to be making very little difference. But this verse from Isaiah gives us the key – we are waiting for Him.

To wait on the Lord isn’t just about having patience, it is also about taking time with Him to receive His heart and perspective for the situations we face day by day.

As we move into a new month let us remember to:

  • Look at Jesus more than the injustice
  • Remember Jesus is anointed to bring justice
  • Remember Jesus will not take revenge, He will bring forth justice
  • Not get discouraged and wait for justice

Pray for EFN partners and others as they make plans for the “18 Days of Freedom” initiative, raising awareness on human trafficking culminating in EU Anti-Trafficking Day on 18th October. (Contact Julia if you want to join in! )

Pray for national governments to notice and take seriously at least some of the excellent recommendations in the Honeyball  and Mendes Bota reports for example to ensure that victims of human trafficking returning to their countries of origin will receive adequate reintegration support.

Spain is one of the most important transit and destination countries for sexual exploitation in Europe. There are about 400.000 women in prostitution and, according to the TIP report 2012 and 2013, 90% of them have been trafficked. In Spain 1.5 million men purchase for sexual services every day.

esclavitudxxi-logoEsclavitud XXI is a Christian organization composed of volunteers who dedicate their spare time to this mission. We are networking with other Christian and non-Christian organizations like STOP THE TRAFFIK, Fin de la esclavitud or Fiet Gratia. We are trying to raise awareness about this situation in churches, schools, media, etc (the work in schools is probably the most important one, because teenagers are the potential clients of the future, and if they change their mentality about prostitution, less men will buy sexual services and less traffickers will sell women).

We also have teams in Barcelona, Torrevieja and Malaga attending girls in the streets and brothels, trying to rescue them and take them to one of the shelter houses we are working with. Finally we are working on advocacy asking for anti-trafficking laws, asking the newspapers to remove their prostitutions advertisements or asking the chocolate companies to be traffic free.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.18.12Please pray:

  • For a van for Proyecto Perla in Malaga in order to help the girls in prostitution and a team and resources to attend them if they are able to escape. Also for the teams in Barcelona and Torrevieja attending girls in the streets and brothels.
  • For a team able to visit schools to develop the school programmes that we’ve developed.
  • For a person able to update our website and our social networks because we are not being efficient in this area.
  • For our campaign on Ferrero asking them to produce a traffic free chocolate.
  • For the macro awareness campaign we are organizing in Sabadell for next December where we will do speeches, workshops, films, art exhibitions, concerts, etc.

Take time to also pray for your own nation, try to gather together with others and share what is on your heart for your nation and your ministries/churches and hear what God is saying to you.

Do let us know any answers to prayer so we can rejoice together. Maybe you could be our country in focus in future months. Contact with your praise reports and if you would like to be a future country in focus.