1) You grew up in Switzerland, right?  Did you grow up in a Christian family?

My parents were members of the reformed church in Switzerland, so I attended this church as a child.

When I was a young adult, I made a decision for Christ and changed to a free evangelical church.

2) When did you first feel called to work in the area of human trafficking?

We were in a small group of our church praying for prostitutes, when I was asked by the outreach team we prayed for, to get involved. It took me a
while to make this decision, as my heart was not burning for prostitutes initially.

But when I agreed to go on an outreach, God opened my heart and my eyes and made it very clear, that this was my  calling. That was more than 17 years ago.

3) What training/education/experiences prepared you for being a voice for the rights of women and children?

When I started, there was no training in this area available, so I read a lot and was interested in the global aspects and connections; self studies was the only way.

I quickly realized that outreach alone is not sufficient and we need to do a lot more. I did go to a 4 year training in counseling and pastoral care, did an additional  training in adult education and orthopedagogic in order to train the women, especially with learning disabilities and of course I am still attending symposiums and lectures as we need to continuously learn about HT.

4) Who has been influential in your life and work?

GOD and my family who supported me. Of course I met a lot of people doing great things in the area of HT and I was able to share and learn from them / with them.

5) Can you give us your 3 best practices, which make you successful in what you do?

– Pray and continuously ask God to give me direction and wisdom, as we can do many good things, but we need to strive for the best and need the gift to
distinguish these things.

– I am very open to partner with other organization and develop strategies with them, christian or non christian, but again I need to distinguish.

– We cannot do this alone. Competitive thinking and jealousy is very destructive.

6) What can ACT212 offer to EFN partners?

– I guess partnering with EFN, teachings as I have already done and develop strategies on a high level in order to enable other NGO’s to profit and adapt some practices in their projects.

7) What advice would you give to EFN partners as we serve in this area?

– Seek God with all your heart. Don’t present yourself holier then you are, be natural about this, when you deal with non-christians.

– a pretentious phrase I keep hearing from the christian corner is, that only christians are able to help victims. This is simply not true, as God needed to appoint non-christians long before christians were ready to
listen  to this call.  And victims have been saved by the thousands from non christian NGOs.

Salvation is something holy and accessible to every body, victim or not,  in the timing that is needed and GOD calls the shots in this, not we, as we are mere instruments.