It’s time to cry out for freedom. Freedom for all who are exploited by human trafficking and the “sex trade”. Freedom for those who dream of a better life but end up exploited and abused in factories and fields, strip clubs and brothels.

18th October is Freedom Sunday. It’s a day to pray, to learn more, to campaign.

What could you do?

  • Dedicate some of your church’s service to the cry for freedom.
  • Connect with other EFN partners near you and work together.
  • Grab online resources. See below.
  • Invite an NGO or the police to come and speak.
  • Research and share about the local or national exploitation situation.
  • Get creative with awareness raising. Show a film like Nefarious . Use social media to cry for freedom.
  • Launch a campaign or petition. Here’s an EFN film on the Swedish Model in case that’s relevant

Freedom Sunday belongs to no organisation. It’s simply an opportunity for all to cry out. NGOs across the globe have come on board, with some choosing a different Sunday to engage. But EFN is delighted that partners are engaging on 18th October – the European Union’s Anti-Trafficking Day.

Online resources can be found at