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“Freedom Business.” It’s not often that we see those words in the same sentence, IN THAT ORDER. Sure, “Business Freedom” or “freedom in business” is something that every entrepreneur is chasing, but Freedom Business? What does that even mean?

A Freedom Business is a very special business that exists for one main purpose: to fight human trafficking or commercial exploitation by creating real economic change in peoples’ lives, freeing them from their bondage. That bondage can look different depending on where a specific Freedom Business has concentrated their work, but all of these businesses have one thing in common. They are putting people first.

This approach is completely counter-intuitive to the business world, which has long regarded “the bottom line profit” as the end-all measuring stick of a company’s success. In fact, a quick Google search of “freedom business” returns a mish-mash of polarized results. On one side is the “get rich or die trying” camp, which equates freedom (from work) through money. On the other side we find the Freedom Business Alliance.

The Freedom Business Alliance is a group dedicated to strengthening the global community of Freedom Businesses. Through training, mentoring and offering resources and networking opportunities, the FBA provides Freedom Businesses a place to be nurtured, grow and share ideas and visions for the future with other like-minded companies. Not only that, but by joining these companies together the FBA also helps to shine a brighter light on the issues of sex trafficking and sex-slavery.

Who We Are

As a member of the Freedom Business Alliance, Made In Freedom provides high quality, Fair Trade, 100% organic cotton printed textiles. This includes custom t-shirts, hats, bags of all kinds and even pillow cases! We sell custom printed corporate apparel to businesses, conferences and trade fairs, fashion stores and more. Our products carry the World Fair Trade Organization seal, and are produced from Global Organic Trade Standard (GOTS) sourced cotton. However, what really sets us apart is best described in our USP.

“We Print Hope”

Our textiles are not printed by machines, they are made by women who have been impacted in one way or another by the sex-trade industry of Kolkata India. Through our partner Freeset, these women have been offered a job, paying well above the minimum wage of India, giving them dignity in their communities, hope for their future and a better life for themselves and their families. The change that takes place has lasting impacts that reach beyond the women themselves, but into the community itself, breaking the endless spiral of poverty into the sex trade industry and weakening the grip it has on the community. That is how “We Print Hope.”

You Can Get Involved Today

If you are a business looking for printed uniforms, an event planner looking for a textile printer to partner with, or a shop owner searching for a social justice option to offer to your customers please contact us today. Each and every order with Made In Freedom directly effects lives of people all over the world, from the organic cotton growers to the women employed in India. It’s good for you, good for the environment and most importantly it’s good for the community of women being freed through an economic solution to an economic problem. Together we can work toward our vision of a world free from sex-trafficking and slavery, one order at a time.

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