The European Freedom Network (EFN) is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Liberty Shared.

Liberty Shared aims to prevent human trafficking through legal advocacy, technological interventions and strategic collaborations with NGOs and corporations globally. Liberty Shared has developed the Freedom Collaborative Victim Journey Mapping Tool that collects and analyses data on the journeys victims of human trafficking have experienced.  This information is vital in understanding human trafficking routes.

Throughout the past year, EFN partners were noting changes in trafficking and migration populations within their client communities. These shifts have pushed EFN partners to consider how trafficking trends and routes are shifting between the European, Asian and African continents. In desiring to gather meaningful and rigorous data, EFN sought the assistance of Liberty Shared and Freedom Collaborative’s Victim Journey Mapping Tool. The tool allows organisations and service providers to submit data on observed human trafficking and migration routes and combines this front-line data in a comprehensive data set for analysis.

In the coming year, EFN and Freedom Collaborative will be working to harness the knowledge of frontline anti-trafficking workers throughout Europe. From the collected data both organisations anticipate this information to contribute to better care and prevention while influencing our policy partners.

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