URGENT: 10 minutes to save millions from exploitation


Dear EFN Partners,


We need your help urgently! And it should only take 10 minutes. Below is all the info you need.

The EU directive (or law) on due diligence is about to be voted on in plenary session of the European Parliament (31 May – 1 June).  And we would like you to contact your MEPs to say how much you want them to vote YES.

A few weeks ago we shared with you EFN’s paper “Why should we care about due diligence?”. Due diligence is not just a nice concept. It really does have the potential to save billions of people from exploitation. We all know that, too often, those working to source raw materials or make products for big companies are exploited in dangerous working conditions and with wages that condemn them to grinding poverty. From clothing makers to agricultural workers to hotel staff, vulnerable people are contributing their labour without adequate protection and rights. 

The European Union now wishes to change this situation by making large companies accountable. But how bold will they be? You can encourage your MEPs to vote yes to strong legislation. Remember that EU citizens have every right to ask their MEPs to take their views into account.

Here’s how to take action. And NOW is the time. Please take these 4 simple steps.

  1. Find the MEP(s) from your nation that you want to write to (by name, country or political party) Look here https://www.europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/home
  2. Click on the email icon on each MEP page
  3. Copy and paste the text of the advocacy email we prepared (see below)
  4. Pray for your MEPs to vote yes to the draft legislation at the end of May and to reject any attempts at weakening the directive. 

We are working to translate the MEP letters into multiple languages. However, if you receive this letter and the attached letter for MEPs in English, it is because we have not yet got a translation. Can you help us? Can you translate the 2 letters or at least the MEP one into another EU language? Please let us know. But we would need you to act fast. 

We would love it if you let us know if you take action and if you get a reply from an MEP. And do encourage friends to join in the campaign too. 

Thanks for your help!

The EFN Team


DE – DD Advocacy letter for MEPs May 2023 DE.docx

EN – DD Advocacy letter for MEPs May 2023 EN.docx

ES – DD Advocacy letter for MEPs May 2023 ES.docx

FR – DD Advocacy letter for MEPs May 2023 FR.docx

HR – DD Advocacy letter for MEPs May 2023 HR (CROATIAN).docx

PT – DD Advocacy letter for MEPs May 2023 PT.docx

RO – DD Advocacy letter for MEPs May 2023 RO.docx

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