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EFN is excited to announce the release of a new report focussing on national referral mechanisms. The data for this report was gathered at the 2022 Bridge Conference in Sarajevo. The report focuses on the experiences of EFN organisations when collaborating and contributing to the national referral mechanisms. The report discusses how organisations understand the role of NRMs and how collaboration is negotiated. Finally, the report concludes with a list of recommendations for the Christian anti-trafficking community and their continual work within NRM systems.

Why should we care about due diligence?

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There are over 50 million people in modern slavery today. It is estimated that 21 million people are caught in situations of forced labour or exploitation. Forced labour and human rights abuses of workers are endemic across several sectors of the global economy, like textile, industry, new technologies, construction work, minerals extraction, etc.. Due diligence is first and foremost, a moral obligation on businesses, especially with global activities, to check their supply chains in order to prevent voluntary or involuntary adverse effects on human, social and environmental rights.

Why human trafficking is every christian’s concern

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In this brief article, I would like to make two points which I hope will persuade Christians that modern-day slavery is the concern of every one of us, and that we all should be doing whatever we can to work against it. The Bible makes it very clear that God takes bringing freedom and justice to the vulnerable very seriously indeed and that he expects his people to do the same. His desire that human beings should be able to live free and dignified lives is a thread which goes throughout the whole of the Bible.

The Duties of the Authorities within European Union Member States regarding Victims of Human Trafficking

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European Union legislation already requires or requests Member States to do many things regarding human trafficking. Here is a summary of the main points focused on how they treat Victims of Human Trafficking (VoTs). Please refer especially to Directive 2011/36/EU and Directive 2004/81/EC See also the separate EFN text on other responsibilities of the authorities in EU Member States - which put many more requirements upon them.

EFN Terminology Guide

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The issue of terminology is complex and nuanced and as understanding increases, terminology evolves. EFN believes that the words we use matter. They matter in helping us to be clear on our position against all forms of exploitation of persons and in ensuring the dignity of the person.

EFN Stance on Prostitution

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EFN unashamedly opposes the sex trade, knowing it to be exploitative, harmful and dangerous for those involved in it. We believe: • that consent cannot be purchased • that the sex trade degrades all parties and • that laws must be in place to protect the dignity and worth of all human beings.

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