About Us

Mission Statement

The European Freedom Network exists to help the body of Christ in Europe work together effectively to prevent and combat human trafficking and commercial exploitation of women, men and children and to seek the restoration of its victims.

Vision Statement

We see a world free of human trafficking and exploitation, where every person has the opportunity to live in the freedom that God intends and Jesus gives.

Values Statement

We unite around the following beliefs and values:

  • Christ Centered – We are a praying Christian community who are convinced that Jesus’ grace and power can bring transformation to individuals and communities.
  • Collaborative Community – We are better when we join together our thinking, plans, resources, and expertise.
  • Excellence – We believe that our focused work and ministry should exemplify good practice and professionalism as well as the heart of Jesus.
  • Dignity – We treat people with dignity and respect, and recognize each person has the ability and right to lead their own life.
  • Safety – We seek to be safe people and to keep all people in our care safe and free from exploitation.

What We Do

  • We build capacity in our partners by providing encouragement, advice, resources, training, and prayer.
  • We facilitate and encourage co-operation and effective action between our partners.
  • We assist our partners to be a voice capable of addressing the issues of human trafficking and commercial exploitation in public arenas at all levels.
  • We create excellence through lovingly and truthfully holding each other accountable.

Our Core Team

Julia Doxat-Purser is the Socio-Political Representative & Religious Liberty Coordinator for the European Evangelical Alliance, wherein she inspires and facilitates excellent Christian engagement in society. Her particular interests are advocacy and enabling others to be effective in ministry.

Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag is an independent missions consultant working to catalyze the church in ministry among women and men in prostitution and victims of trafficking around the world.

Leanne Rhodes founded Abolishion, an organisation dedicated to breaking the systems that keep people in sexual slavery. She loves to strategically help bridge the gap between church and government.

Carole Stolz is founder/director of Hope for Freedom, dedicated to the prevention of human trafficking, especially amongst minors. Her love is to creatively tackle things that people tell her are impossible. Currently she is developing a „Handscanner“ together with the German & Austrian Police to detect minors being smuggled over our borders.

Peta-Ann Small is Co-Founder and Operations Director of Set Free Foundation in Bulgaria an anti-trafficking organization focused on prevention, reintegration and community transformation. She has a background in education and is passionate about helping people find joy, strength and dignity in Jesus so they can face their future without fear.

Grant Small is a founder and director of Ngenious Business Solutions (South Africa) and Transform BG (Bulgaria).  He is also a pastor and elder with Liberty Church (SA, UK and Tanzania).  He is co-founder and chairman of Set Free Foundation (Bulgaria).  His passion is to empower and train people so that they may fulfil their God given potential and become all that God created them to be.

Shannon von Scheele is the Executive Director of the German Anti-Trafficking Network, Netzwerk gegen Menschenhandel. The Network trains multipliers to use its prevention program “Liebe ohne Zwang”, raises awareness about human trafficking and empowers groups and individuals to get involved.